26 January 2022

The Votes are in!

Thanks to all the NCAs who voted for the submissions put forward to the World Council.

On behalf of the class, we would like to thank all of the National Class Chairs for taking the time to participate in the email voting for the two submissions put forward to the World Council and the election of the Class Officers. 

Submission 1 was the change to Rule 42, there were 23 votes FOR & 20 AGAINST.  The two thirds majority required for a special resolution under the Class Constitution was not reached so there will be no change to the Class Rules. 

Submission 2 was for a change in the way our major events are scored, votes were 32 FOR / 11 AGAINST. This submission was not a special resolution and as the majority were in favour, the change in scoring will be applied at this year’s World and European Championships. In the Qualifying Series there will be one discard with five races and the points scored in Qualifying will be carried forward into the Final Series. In the Final Series there will again, be one discard with five races.

Re-election of the class President and Vice President were both voted unanimously in favour. 

We look forward to seeing many of you at the EuroCups, World and European Championships in 2022!