21 December 2020

Balis Eurocup 2021

Balis event is rescheduled in 2021 for later in the year.

Sailors, you may have noticed the absence of Balis, the Spanish Eurocup from the schedule for 2021. With the continued disruption and uncertainty from Covid 19, it was felt that February was too soon to hold an international event.  Don't despair! The event is not cancelled, just postponed until later in the year so you will have an opportunity to race in the Venue of the 2022 Worlds. The new scheduled dates are 16th-19th October (still 4 days). The schedule will return to normal in 2022 with Balis back in its usual February slot.  

The Balis team are very much looking forward to welcoming you later in 2021!

Notice of postponement