07 July 2021

49er Junior Worlds

The entry list for the 49er Junior Worlds is awash with familiar names from the 29ers.

The 49er Junior Worlds kicks off today in Gydnia, Poland and the entry list is awash with 29er sailors who have successfully transitioned across into the 49er & the 49erFX.  

The 49er is a big step up onto the Olympic pathway and it is not without reason that sailors hone their skills in the 29er for several years before moving across to compete in this arena.

The importance of the 29er to the 49er pathway is clear.  Names such as the Schulthesis sisters, Barrio Garcia's, and 13 boats out of the 18 GER entries, who are instantly recognisable names from the Int 29er fleet.

In the boys fleet the picture is much the same. Aristide & Noah (FRA) who won gold in the very same venue at 29er Worlds in 2019 will be hoping to use that past knowledge to give them the edge. They will have stiff competition from Mathias and Alexander (NOR) who took the gold medal at World Sailing Youth Champs in 2019 (also sailing in Gydnia) the bronze medal in the 29er Euro's in Arco, 2019 & silver in Helsinki Euro's, 2018 and have many eurocup victories to their name.

The 49er newbies are strong sailors and we expect to see some of them emerge as the new stars of the adult circuit in years to come.  They are dedicated, strong in both technique and tactics and will be chomping at the heals of the likes of Burling & Tuke, Dylan and Stu, Lutz & Beucke, Grael & Kunze.  

Keep pushing 29er sailors, you have these guys and girls in your sights!! 

See the 49er Class page for results