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New Changes for 29er Class

At the recent World Council meeting held in Medemblik, the following changes were voted in by the World Council members:

1) Equipment Strategic Planning Committee: This committee was approved to review the status of all equipment used in the 29er class in order to create proposed 5 and 10 year strategic plans for class equipment, to be considered at the 2017 World Council meeting.  The committee composition will be: President, one Vice President, Chair of the Technical Committee and the Chief Measurer, one representative of the Copyright Holder (appointed to the Executive), two representatives from Europe and one representative from each other continent.

2) Clairification of Country Code at Major Championships: "all teams when racing in the International 29er World Championship and continental championship events whall display teh national letters of the helmsperson."

3) Replacing the alloy tube footrails with FRP moulded foot-rails similar to the ones in a 49er.  A retro-fit will be made for current boats if you decide to remove your footrails. New deck moulds will have them built in. Reasoning: 99% of leaks are from the footrails.

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