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GRP Foils approved by ISAF - Race legal Nov 1, 2015

Notice to Members

GRP Foils

foilsFollowing an exhaustive process the International 29er Class is pleased to announce that ISAF approval for the use of the new GRP Foils has been received.

Approval to use the GRP foils takes effect from 1 November 2015.

The class rules have been amended to include the new foils along with the maintenance and repair to such should the necessity arise.

Please note that the submission to amend the current class rule to reflect the implementation of the GRP foils along with the changes approved at the August 2015 World Council meeting is currently with the ISAF.

It is planned that the effective date for all amendments to the current class rule will commence 1 January 2016.

For those unaware the ISAF office is currently extremely busy preparing for the ISAF Annual Conference in November hence the Jan 1 date being recommended. Although the Class Rule amendments will not be in place for events between the 1 November 2015 and Jan 1 2016 ISAF approval as received allows for their use.

The ISAF Youth Worlds will not be compromised as all boats are manufactures supplied and will be rigged and supplied in accordance with the appropriate class rule.

As previously stated above the class has carefully considered the matter over a number of years and are now satisfied that the new GRP foils will be a welcomed addition to the sailors and parents alike.

Thanks to Dr Jason Smithwick (ISAF), Julian Bethwaite and Chris Turner for their dedication, support and understanding over the past years while this matter has progressed.

Best Regards

Barry Johnson

Chairman 29er Class Technical Committee

1 October 2015

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