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Statement on Sail Royalty Labels

Notice to Members
Sail Royalty Labels

It has come to the attention of the International 29er Class that the Class Sail Royalty label which includes the item serial number has for some unexplained reason been “falling off” the sail.

This situation has now caused the class to go back and re order new equipment labels in the fear that further dislodgement of existing labels is occurring but not being reported until measurement controlled events.

Teams with missing labels are reminded that along the Luff Tape of the sail is a bar code that contains a number. For teams who have lost their sail labels it is advised to use the luff tape bar code for event registering sails at future events. Replacement labels are not available to those where lost.

Event measurers will be advised accordingly of the situation and asked to use a little common sense with this particular matter.

Hopefully the situation will not cause too much concern for future events and it is requested that we all work together in order to ensure ALL entries to events are afforded equal opportunity to get on the water.

Best Regards,

Barry Johnson
Chairman 29er Class Technical Committee
1 September 2015

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