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Williford & Waddell Take North American Title

NA20152015 29er NA Championships Final Report

Wade Waddell and Christopher Williford (L-R)       

Photo Copyright Jan Anderson 2015


 Full Results


After a full shut out (no wind) on Saturday, the fleet would have been happy to see just about any wind on Sunday morning. Early Sunday morning, the scene was bleak - no wind anywhere. But by the 10am First Warning, there was racable wind and it was soon was back to something resembling "Gorge" conditions - perhaps 15 knots.

From the racing concluded on Friday, the top 5 teams and their points (after the first discard) were:

Max Brill/Andrew Person - 13
Eric Lyall/Andrew Moreno - 13
Romain Screve/Quinn Wilson - 14
Christopher Williford/Wade Waddell - 16
Nicolas Muller/Ian MacDiarmid - 20

These teams have been sailing strong all season - so there was no knowing as to how this would play out - especially if enough races were completed to include the second discard race. As the day progressed, the teams of Nicolas Muller/Ian MacDiarmid (who "won the day") and Christopher Williford/Wade Waddell really stepped up their game while the top three teams slid down the ranks.

And with time to spare, the race committee completed 6 good races - bringing the race count to the full 12 races scheduled.

Nicolas Muller/Ian MacDiarmid "won the day" but Christopher Williford/Wade Waddell won the last race - leaving both teams (before throw outs) with 44 points each.

If no throw outs has been applied, Christopher and Wade would be the 2015 North American 29er Champions. After throw outs Christopher and Wade had a 2 point winning margin - making them the 2015 29er North American Champions. Congratulations!

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