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2012 29er News

Technical Committee Members Announced


The 29er Technical Committee has now been formed:

Chairman: Chief Measurer Barry Johnson - AUS
Class Builders: Chris Turner - Ovington/GBR
                          Dave MacKay - MacKay Boats/NZL
Sailors: Ian Woodbury - CAN
             Nick Hollis - HKG

The Class Executive is asking for interested sailors to apply to be considered for a position on the Technical Committee.  

Download an application here

Class Technical Committee (approved 2011 AGM)
· Chairman: Chief Measurer
· 2 class audited builders
· 2 sailors
All future technical development and specification changes are to be approved by this committee before forwarding to ISAF for approval. The Class Technical Committee will report to the Class Executive.

29er Class Constitution
11.2 The function of the Chief Measurer and Technical Committee is

(a) To advise the Council and Executive committee on any technical matters relevant to the Class.

(b) In conjunction with the Technical Department of the ISAF, to ensure that the One Design control of the Class is properly exercised by the builders and suppliers in accordance with the Manufacturing specifications and Handbook.

(c) To investigate any query by a boat owner regarding the one design or specification of this boat, and to report to the Executive Committee.

(d) To consult with the builders on any development of the boat or equipment deemed to be desirable as a result of sailing experience.

(e) To ensure that the boats used in World and Continental Championships and major regattas comply with the Class Rules.

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