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2012 29er News

Spanish victory at the Eurocup in St. Carles de la Rápita - Spain

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The first Eurocup of this years’ series  ended on last Sunday, Feb 19th, in the Ebro delta bay south of Barcelona, Spain, with the participation of 45 boats from 11 countries from all over Europe. 
This has been the 2nd edition of the Eurocup organized by Spain and with this large participation (30% above last year) showed once again the strong growth of the 29er class in Spain as in Europe as well as the good match of racing at the sunny south of Europe during the cold winter month of February.
Unfortunately, the low intensity and irregularity of the winds, which have been totally untypical for this venue, allowed only for 7 races of the total of 12 forecasted. Still, the crews were happy to have raced at least every day of the championship and to train their skills also in light winds.
The regatta was raced mainly under Spanish and British dominance, since all 6 podium places were hold by these two countries at the end:
Overall winners were:
Carlos Robles and Florian Trittel (ESP)
Martí Llena and Oriol Mahiques (ESP)
Ben Batton and Tim Gratton (GBR)
The female podium was topped by
Vicky Payne and Stefanie Orton (GBR)
Ruth Allan and Tess Allan (GBR)
Patricia Coro and Cristina Rodés  (ESP)

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