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2010 29er News


Once again this year CORK Sail Kingston, who will be hosting the 29er North Americans and the 29erXX NA’s right after, is making available to 29er sailors its incredible offer of $1.00 (yes one dollar!) charters. To qualify, sailors must not be from the local area and must be coming from overseas, or an excessive driving distance, and the 29er sailors BRING THEIR OWN SAILS. (If you are interested in a new set of sails, they will be delivered to CORK free of shipping.)

Anyone chartering boats for the 29er NA’s may also keep the boat for the 29erXX NA’s but would have to charter the XX rig, sails and gunwale extensions for US $900.00. However, if you have your own 29er, the XX rigs and sails are available for a $1.00 charter. You can have one or the other for $1.00 but not both!
There is no guarantee on the number of 29ers or XX rigs available and the offer is therefore strictly limited on a first come, first served basis with bona fide 29er owners who are registered Class Members receiving first priority.

CORK has requested that PS2000 manage all the charters and all request should go to Peter Bjorn at:
                                                  or Tel 514 363 5050

Please do not contact CORK for charter information.
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