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2010 29er News


Mads Emil Lübeck and his brother Christian Peter Lübeck of Denmark bested 211 other teams to win the overall EuroCup title for 2010.  Mads & Emil sailed in 5 of the 8 events, winning the opener in France and standing on the podium in the Danish & German events.  Their other finishes were top 10's.  Second overall were Domagos Fizulic and Leon Ostrez of Croatia who also competed in 5 events, followed by the German twins of Jule and Lotta Görge.  The girls also sailed in 5 of the 8 events, winning the final competition in Italy.  18 countries participated in the 2010 EuroCup with events in France, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany Spain, GBR and Italy.  Over 211 teams competeted for the overall title.  You can find the overall and individual results of the 2010 EuroCup on this site under Events>EuroCup.     The 2011 EuroCup schedule has already been posted - start making your plans now!
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