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2010 29er News


sailextreme106.jpg660 boats, 750 sailors, 16 classes, 7 lanes, 285 camping units, 190 officials and up to 2000 parents / siblings as back-up, has left its distinctive and festive touch to Kerteminde Marina and Kerteminde city in the last three days - in short Scandinavia's largest sailing event, Sail Extreme was once again held over Pentecost, and again with success.

9ers had their own circuit with thirty-one  29ers, one 29erXX and three 49ers, had implemented a number of good and action packed races. Saturday's races were completed in light to medium winds, while Sunday bread in fresh to strong winds.
In 29er, it was after nine races to overall victory for Kristian Kirketerp and Mathias Lehm Sletten, as with an impressive series of not less than seven first places, one second place and a simple blunder in the form of a 10th place in the air quite relieved Saturday, ending 15 points ahead of nearest competitor was the brothers Lübeck, who sailed a fantastic stable series with a sixth place as worst. In bronze position followed the local crew Brother Tobiasen / Christian Gormsen, which ended another 12 points behind and a point with Swedish Fritiof and Jonathan Hedstrøm while was best foreign crew.
With 29er XX were three registered boats, but since the Croatian entry proved to be an ordinary 29er and American team canceled, There was only the German crew Erik Nerger / Mathias Mahnke, which started with the 49ers.
49er was represented by three new upcomming Danish teams, Sail Extreme was their first tournament of the 49ers. They are all three former top teams from the 29er, thus Nikolai Kold / Bjørn Jørgsholm and Oskar Haumann / Taus Holtug been Denmark's representative to WYSC in 2008 and 2009, it was however Brdr. Ditlev in the first 49er race jousting with the overall victory.
We obviously hope to even more 9ere will support up to Sail Extreme 2011, so we can grow together.

World's Largest Sail Extreme growing by 25% progress, and it gets bigger!
In these times of crisis could Sail Extreme Takes an increase of approximately 25% compared to last year's record participation of 518 dinghies. A record as Event  Director Flemming Kold only think with one year, until Sail Extreme 2011th. The logistics must be carefully considered and optimized, especially in the country hosting facilities if there is to be able to handle a major event, but the work you go in Kerteminde already started next week, which is evaluating the 2010 and start of 2011 version of Sail Extreme.

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