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2010 29er News


 foto newsletter 1.jpgfotos 29er -2.jpgfoto 29er-3.jpgWeekly newsletters are being sent to all currently registered competitors - make sure you're registered to stay up-to-date!






We're also posting them on the event site on this website.  Newsletter #1 has a 10% discount for bungalows and first-come; first on the beach.  Check them out here!

Newsletter #1 - Accommodation discount:  English  Spanish

 Newsletter #2: Weather conditions: English  Spanish

Newsletter #3: Social Activities: English  Spanish

Newsletter #4: Experienced Club english 

Newsletter 5&6: weather & logistics: english

Newsletter #7: Current regatta: english & spanish 

Newsletter 8: arrival english & spanish

Newsletter 9: coaches english & spanish

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