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2009 29er News


Justus Schmidt and Max Boehme of Germany won the overall 2009 EuroCup Championship with outstanding results.  The duo sailed 6 of the 7 events, only missing the Weymouth EuroCup event #7.  Throwing out their 2 highest scores (Weymouth and Worlds) the two counted all top 5 finishes including a win in Denmark and 2 2nd place finishes in the Netherlands and Italy.  2nd overall was Sander and Thyn Mertens of the Netherlands followed by Kristian Kriketerp and Mathias Lahm of Denmark.  The top female team was Jule and Lotta Gorge of Germany in 4th overall with another all female team of Laura and Marta Capdevila of Spain in 5th.

The 2009 EuroCup was sailed 6 countries: France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Great Britain.   259 teams competed in the overall EuroCup representing 19 countries.  No one team competed in all 7 events, but many teams completed most of the circuit.  This is the largest number of participating countries in the EuroCup series since its inception.

Congratulations to all competitors for a great 29er season.  Full results can be found here and on the Events section of the 29er website.

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