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2008 29er News


The British teams scored a double victory in the 29er fleets. The Girl’s team of Frances Peters and Claire Lasko were delighted to have the gold medal in the bag after the second race of the day. They were girls_goldsilverbronze.jpgmostly pleased about the consistency throughout the week’s competition. They were disappointed with their performance at the Youth Nationals despite winning the event because they felt they could have done better but here was a different story. Peters commented, "It hasn't sunk in yet. It is a relief because this is what we have been working towards for so long. Seven hours out on the water in December has finally paid off and it is all worth while now. This is why we did all that training and worked so hard.”Annemiek Bekkering and Jeske Kisters of the Netherlands have also secured the silver medal, whilst Hannah Nattrass and Michelle Muller are well placed to repeat their third place finish of last year.  James Peters, brother of Frances, and Edward Fitzgerald won Great Britain’s second gold medal in the Boy’s 29er fleet. It had looked like being a final day shootout between the Brits and the USA crew of Judge Ryan and Hans Henken, but the Americans were disqualified from race 13 after a protest from the French team, putting Peters and Fitzgerald into an unbeatable position at the top of the leaderboard. Germán Billoch and Gastón Cheb Terrab of Argentina lie boys_gbr.jpgin third place overall and will be looking to challenge for the silver medal tomorrow.

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To read the final press release, click here arhus2008ywfinal[1]

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