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2008 29er News


Argentinean 29er Nationals  argnattrophy.jpg

The last 14th,15th and 16th of November it took place the Argentinean Nationals in Peru Beach (windsurf spot in the Rio de la Plata) Organized by the Yacht Club Buenos Aires.

Light air conditions on Friday and Sunday, and more than 30 knots on Saturday, resulted in 9 races total, 4 on Friday and 5 on Sunday. 34 teams competed at this event.  

The first day was for the CARRERA WATCHES-TREEGO TEAM, Pepe Bettini and Fernando Gwozdz with a 3,1,1,1, defenders of the title. Pepe has won this event since 2002, three times crewed by Federico Villambrosa, 05' Negro Diez, 06' Magtu Keller SUI, and last year with Jeske Kirsters from the Netherlands.

Keico Otero and Agustina Candia were second with 18 points followed by Mika Sielecki and Jejen Ocampo with 23 points. On Friday night there was a party with live music good food and drinks.

On Saturday the start was postponed for 4 hours until the race committee  took the decision of canceling the day because of the wind, 30 knots stable coming from the south.

On Sunday the wind was extremely light, but the race committee sent the teams out. Because of Saturday weather conditions the river was full of seaweed  which made the sailing conditions even harder. The day was won again by the Team Bettini-Gwozdz taking the first place. After a regular day Otero-Candia had to retired from the first race because they had to be towed by a coach boat to the starting line 3 minutes before the starting signal, but that was enough to take the second place. Some black flags and hard races changed the position in the third step of the podium to Agustina Torre & Tomas Wagmaister.

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